2014 Mentor Assigments

You will be the umpire’s advocate, and sounding board for them to talk to about their concerns/progress.

You should make it a goal to have contact with your Mentor once every 2 weeks during the season.  Make sure they are aware they can reach out to you at any time.

On-Diamond Mentors   Please ensure you contact the umpire's mentor with any feedback/concerns about these umpires.

E-mailMentor Assigned
Autumn Clark[email protected]Emma
Brant Molnar[email protected]Geoff
Briar Balas[email protected]Keith
Dave Loewen[email protected]Keith
Grant Burdick[email protected]Geoff
Helen Dick[email protected]Kathy
Jamie McDonald[email protected]Jim
Jordon Ellis-Kincaid[email protected]John
Joshua Caul[email protected]Keith
Joshua Cinnamon[email protected]John
Kevin Hall[email protected]Jim
Kyle Muise[email protected]Geoff
Mallory Watson[email protected]Annmarie
Mark Taylor[email protected]Jim
Riley Baker[email protected]Keith
Will Shipley[email protected]John
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